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desde . Conde Duque (2019)

Audio Tour 42'

Permanent piece in Conde Duque

“desde” (from) means time and space: “from then… until now…” or “from here… to there…”.
“desde” is an artistic project with site-specific characteristics and the possibility of moving to places whose original use is transformed into arts centres. It’s a project on the way on how we practise space on a daily scope, on the kind of relation that it developed between users and the surrounding architecture, on the connection between memories and the places.

The former military headquarters  Conde Duque welcomed hundreds of soldiers and horses for almost three centuries. It has resisted fires and overcame abandonment, until reaching the 21st century, becoming a center dedicated to cultural heritage and art. Their courtyards have served to make military training, rock and flamenco concerts, markets and artificial beaches.

Following a year of interviews carried out with a broad range of people who have been or are part of the building, “desde . Conde Duque” is a tour of the building accompanied by the recorded stories of neighbours, archivists, architects, soldiers, librarians, security guards ... Between an audio-guide and a documentary, the audience has the chance to experience the spaces described in person. The discourse is developed using the field of memory and interpretation and the gaze of the audience is added to that of the interviewee, so creating an imaginary superposition of mental spaces.



















Photo: Diego Casado


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