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Retroterra (2012)  

Anna Rispoli & Edurne Rubio


Audio Tour / Performance 50'

Kunsten Festival des Arts, Brussels.


For the Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2012 in Brussels, Anna Rispoli and Edurne Rubio invite us to climb up high and observe our urban condition.


Setting off from the CERIA/COOVI metro station, groups of spectators will be taken up a high-rise tower recently built to house the Elishout campus cooking school.


From the top floor of this remarkable building, they will look down over a non-place between the centre and the outskirts, where the city’s functions and movements meet: the canal, the ring road and its stream of commuters, big industries and commercial districts, a hospital, a garden city, a cemetery…


Equipped with an audio-guide, they listen to the building’s view of the activities going on in and around it. Using fragments of real life stories, utopias and urban myths, a narration is constructed about the dynamic body of the contemporary polis. A social and poetic place to be reconquered.



                                                DUCH                                                                                                                         FRENCH























> Pieter Tjonck _ KFDA Program


> L'envoi de Paul Hermant _ Musiq3


> Marie Baudet _ La Libre Belgique












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