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Dramawalker Alacalá-Meco Mujeres

Sound project. Online. 2023

Writers : Elena Cánovas, Edurne Rubio and Sandra Vicente, alongside the 16 women prisoners who participated in the project: Adriana, Ana Rosa, Anabella, Carolina, Clara Luz, Cristina, Cristina Natalia, Davinia, Encarnación, Juliángela, María Gricelia, Nicolasa, Nuria, Pamela, Rubí and Susana.


Artistic director : Edurne Rubio

Sound mix : Sandra Vicente

Illustrations : Ana Bustelo

Photographer and video designer : Bárbara Sánchez Palomero

Producer : Centro Dramático Nacional



Dramawalker is a project based on geolocalised sound fictions developed by Centro Dramático Nacional.

The stories told by the residents of different neighbourhoods serve as a starting point for the creative process. This experience stems from the performing arts and, in particular, from the tradition of radio theatre and community and participatory theatre. With DRAMAWALKER, Dramático steps outside the theatre in search of the urban memory of our cities and communities.

Dramawalker Alcalá-Meco Mujeres proposes listening to the voices of a group of women who, despite being of very different ages, nationalities and educational backgrounds, live in a specific time in the Alcalá-Meco prison in Madrid, deprived of their freedom and away from their families.

The 16 women who have generously shared their daily lives with us hope to avoid the stigmatisation they fear so much by highlighting the fact that, despite the mistakes they have made, they are still people, mothers, daughters, friends, neighbours, workers… At no time is it intended to represent the entire collective of women in prison, as this is a small group in specific conditions. Like cities, no one prison is the same as another. Like in neighbourhoods, life is different in each of the wings of Alcalá-Meco.

In this Dramawalker, you will not be able to visit the place we are talking about in person, so we propose a virtual tour guided by people who are very accustomed to using imagination to travel on the other side of the wall.

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