Edurne Rubio (Spain, 1974) is a visual artist working in the fields of exhibitions, performance, cinema and architecture. Her research has always been related to the individual or collective perception of time and space. Interested in contexts that make perception a given variable and mutant, forgotten or archived, she seeks to associate or contrast ways of perceiving reality with the aim of creating a second composed reality. Her work is close to documentary and anthropology, using interviews, archive images and research on oral communication.


A NUBLO by José Antonio Sánchez (ES)

A NUBLO by Esther Tuypens (NL)  

SHAN SHUI by Manah Depauw (FR)

Cuerpo, territorio y memorias (sobre Light Years Away) by Diana Delgado-Ureña Díez (ES)

Proezas y secretos bajo tierra (crítica OJO GUAREÑA) by Manu Yáñez (ES)