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EDURNE RUBIO (Burgos, 1974) is a visual artist based in Brussels. Her practice shifts among different contexts and formats: performances, films and sound projects. Edurne Rubio creates situations where tension is built up between what we see and what we hear, between present, memory and imagination. With an anthropological approach, she uses interviews as her primary method of work, collecting individual stories to build a collective narrative and, in so doing, she questions any linear reading of history, offering a subjective reading in continuous transformation and dependent on affections.





Only those who know how to huddle up can dwell with intensity (Clamor) - Andrea Cinel  (EN/ES/EU)

A NUBLO - José Antonio Sánchez (ES)

A NUBLO -  Esther Tuypens (NL)  

SHAN SHUI - Manah Depauw (FR)

Cuerpo, territorio y memorias (sobre Light Years Away) - Diana Delgado-Ureña Díez (ES)

Proezas y secretos bajo tierra (crítica OJO GUAREÑA) - Manu Yáñez (ES)






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