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Freeze (2004) 

Video 2'55''



















Quiet (2007) 

Video 2'34''

Realised in the frame of Subjective Architectures in Bains Connective 

























For these works I filmed old pictures, thus creating the illusion of ‘time travel’, a fiction in which my presence was simulated in a place that has been transformed. I filmed these photos (of spaces) as if somebody was entering a new space and looking around to grasp its surroundings. The limits of the camera and of the possible glance are the limits of the picture and when I zoomed in, trying to get closer to an object, a detail, the two-dimensional character and the texture of the picture appeared, breaking the possible illusion.


In 2005, I presented ‘Freeze’  a video in which I used two pictures of a snowy landscape, simulating the glance of someone who’s observing this landscape, empty of any human or animal life. 


In 2007, Bains Connective asked me to participate in a cycle about architecture and for this occasion I realised a video entitled ‘Quiet’ . I used ancient pictures of the swimming pool when it was still in use. 







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