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Appartement 601 (2014)

Film 12'


In the living room of a "model apartment" in which no one ever lived,

an unexpected encounter occurs between past and future ghosts. 

A window connecting different times. 

In the world of the living, inside is a time and outside is another…

but what about in the world of the un-living?




















Created by: Edurne Rubio

Performed by: Onenn Danveau, Megan Northam, Katja Dreyer, Florent Minotti

Photographie: Hyacinthe Lerolland

Sound: David Elchardus

Co-production: Galerie Paradise, Nantes; Buda Kunstencentrum, Kortrijk.

Supported by: Mairie de Rezé, Nantes; Netwerk, Aalst; Pianofabriek, Brussels; Duchamps vzw, Brussels. 

Thanks to: Katja Dreyer, Loreto Martinez Troncoso and Diederik Peeters.


Realised in the model apartment of the Cité Radieuse, Rezé. Le Corbusier 1955.

Thanks to the inhabitants of the Cité Radieuse

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