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Film (17')


People who committed suicide and babies who died before being baptised were not accepted in catholic cemeteries until not so long ago. Desperate relatives secretly sought out a dignified place for their bodies. Burials that shared hills and wind with executed people, atheists, passers-by, protestants... The bells never rang for ‘the others’ and yet, outside the cemetery, outside the institution, death is transformed into a landscape.





Editing: Edurne Rubio

Photographie: Yann Bétant & Edurne Rubio

Sound: Luca Rullo & Edurne Rubio

Sound mix studio: Audiolab

Colour grading: Joop Parey

Bells: Ismael de la Iglesia

Produced and exhibited by Artium Museoa - Museum of contemporary Art of the Basque Country  (July 2022)

Produced in collaboration with Mondragon

Curator: Garbiñe Ortega

Production assistants filming: Elías Rubio & Damna Barredo

Administration: Duchamps vzw

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