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The Visitors (2012)

Performance 30'


There's nobody left here! Why is it that in architectural photographs buildings are always deserted?

Where are the people? Are they about to appear or did they just leave? 


“The Visitors” is a refletion on presence and absence, on the way we look at things, but also about what we fail to see.

A research in between film and performance that uses architecture as the perfect witness.


“A house lives only of men, as a tomb”

Cesar Vallejo 



















Performed by:  Edurne Rubio & Nicole Canneel

Thanks to: De Breucker Family, Els Van Riel, Steven Jacobs, Katja Dreyer, Diederik Peeters, Regina Röher, Yann Bétant and David Elchardus. 

With the support of: Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats, Bains Connective, Netwerk & Archives d’Architecture Moderne.


Performed in:


. December 2015_Batard Festival_Beursschouwburg, Brussels

. August 2014_ Finissage Forms of Gardens_ Bozar Architecture A+, Brussels

. Octobre 2013_ Tout à coup _ Galerie L’H du Siège, Valenciennes

. August 2013_ You know what?_ Cinema Nova, Brussels

. May 2013_  Festival Performance_ Millefeuilles, Nantes

. January 2013_  Somewhere between Fiction and Reality_  Buda, Kortrijk 

. January 2013_  Nocturno_  Ferme de Buisson, Paris

. October 2012_  Happenings_  Bains Connective, Brussels

. October 2012_ Tranche de vie_  Netwerk, Aalst

. June 2012_  In-presentable_  Casa Encendida, Madrid



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